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    - Lead Office : JPO -

    1. Description of project;
    The “Image Search Project” is a cooperative project, which was agreed at the 10th TM5 (the Annual Meeting of the Expanded Trade Mark Trilateral, December 2011) aimed at driving future development of image search systems available for figurative trademark examinations.
    Reducing the workload involved with searching figurative trademarks is a common agenda among the Partner Offices; however the precision/accuracy of the current figure image search engines is not sophisticated enough to actually search figurative trademarks in trademark examination.
    This project is to conduct joint research on measures that will lead to the future development of image search system workable for figurative trademark searches.

    2. Project objectives;
    • Clarify the issues of current image search engines.
    • Analyze and review the issues.
    • Consider possible solutions for the issues and share these among the Partner Offices.
    * The scope of this project does not include any joint development activities to create such an image search system.
    3. Main activities;
    • June – August 2012: Partner Offices provided sample data of figurative trademarks to the JPO. JPO analyzed the said sample data.
    • October 2012: JPO reported the above analysis results at the 1st TM5 Annual Meeting.
    • December 2013: At the 2nd Annual meeting. JPO presented solutions for some of the issues of the image search system. The Partners agreed that the JPO will host a working-level meeting in Japan in March or April of 2014, at which Partners can share information, and at which JPO may present its interim report on image searching.
    • March 2014: Image Search Project Working-level Meeting was held at the JPO.
    • December  2014 : TM5 Image Search Project  PDF
    • November 2017 : TM5 Image Search Project Experts Meeting  PDF
    • The Partner Offices continue to share each of their activities.
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